Thursday, June 5, 2008

Experiments with using Dawn as a Cleaner

Ever since I saw a post over on Blissfully Domestic I've wanted to play around with Dawn. Could Dawn really be so many things to me? Could it replace lots of other bottles of cleaners? Tantalizing thought.
Well, my Dawn cleaning mixture? I don't see the stars in it but maybe I should mess with it a bit more.
I did find that straight Dawn seemed to clean the tub very well.
I find it works fine for the kitchen floor idea(linoleum) and I appreciate that very much.I do miss my Murphy's Oil scent though. Attached to that smell,I am.
Maybe my next experimenting will be with the bubble blowing portion of the idea list. I think I deserve it.You're welcome to join the FUN!
On to other subjects,we are over the colds we had. As soon as we were basically recovered we hosted a birthday party with about 45 attendees for my sister's 21st birthday. We spent yesterday recovering and enjoying all the wonderful,much needed rain we're getting. Some of our guests even fixed our malfunctioning AC. Yay!
From the kitchen: Broccoli Cheese Quiche,brown rice, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Homemade Macaroni and Cheese,package mac and cheese,lots of salad and lots of cake!
First song that I sing,praises to my God and King"
"Before my feet hit the floor, I'll praise you Lord,I'll praise you Lord,Before I fill my cup,I'll lift you up,I'll lift you up" Sara Groves
Have a lovely day!

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