Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strawberry Picking

We got to the U-pick farm quite early but they were picked out of the best quality berries already. We settled for the jam berry quality which was fine by us. Lee and I have quite a lot of berry picking experience between the two of us! We ended up getting almost 20 dollars worth.They weren't great quality and we really had to hunt for them but that was ok. We had fun reliving in a sense,past times of our lives.
The children found out it wasn't quite as exciting as they thought to be a berry picker. Sweating and bending is part of the experience! To be sure,it would have been more fun if there had been easy picking.

We have been having lots of hot weather here in the Shenandoah Valley.We do lots of watering,including ourselves!

The picking crew,with Jess hidden behind his Dad,minus only yours truly. I highly recommend finding a babysitter for the littlest ones on expeditions like this. 'Nuf said!
Strawberry shortcake and strawberry milkshakes were enjoyed by all later in the day.And I froze lots of the nicest berries whole for future milkshakes! Yay for strawberries!
Have a lovely day! Marcella

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