Monday, June 23, 2008

Tiny Chairs and Art Inspiration for children

This is my house in a messy state....with tiny chairs in the background. I keep learning new things on and about small people. They really have a thing for miniature chairs! Really now,I like chairs in my size,right? And so do you! (At least this is what I'm observing in my limited test field.)I think earlier in my parenting days,I just didn't feel like like cluttering up the house with one more "unneccesary" thing. At least, that was probably part of it.

But in our current house I've started collecting little chairs.And little footstools too.And they're a rousing success. I picked up a couple of cheery kid footstools at Wal-Mart(I know,I know,but I still shop there on occasion) and the little chairs I've begun picking up secondhand. The children can now happily sit at the coffee table coloring or eating,in a seat just their size. Try one if you haven't done so a long time ago!

Art Inspiration for your Children? has lots of art with young people inspiration. I grabbed the sketch of the week idea and ran in my own direction. I pulled out a Taste of Home magazine and the good art supplies and had the boys draw fancy cookies,using a magazine photo as a guide. Lee put Jess up to making the mug in the drawing look like it held cappuccino. Alex did his own twist-lots of brown dots for cinnamon.

This could be a Monday morning staple for us. It was fairly easy on Mom. Lee and I made the mistake of drinking too much coffee this morning. Not a good idea. Don't think we'll try that again soon. So have a good night. I intend the same.


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