Saturday, April 13, 2013

teething makes a week interesting!

can't find playmates? Squirrelgirl's solution: use stuffies

We are at the end of a very long week of dealing with Dragonbaby's teething issues.
I think we may be on the upswing end now.
Maybe. We've counted 7 teeth now.
Will he get an 8th one in time for his 8 month birthday next week?
Time will tell!

We were gifted some of the Naked brand of drinks last night that have chocolate in them.
The number of items Squirrelgirl has soiled while drinking them is astonishing.

Jess had a very challenging soccer game this morning.
Ah well.
Lee,alex,and Jess all went out this afternoon to play football at the park. I think that was a more relaxing time.

Lee is hauling hay for the goat and I need to wash dishes before we go have dinner with family.
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

dragonbaby's mood today..

Sorta ok....
Dragonbaby has a cold.
He is not experiencing a great day.
Poor little dude.

Right now he's nursing.
Then I may feed him a bit of a fresh plum.
Then maybe he will hang out with his sisters while I take a bubble bath.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter from a parent's perspective

some of the hens and Rufus the rooster...
So Easter, one of my favorite times of the year, is over.
Praise God, Jesus is Alive!

This year I found myself really thinking about Easter from a parent's perspective,thinking of how Abba Father let His only child be cruelly killed.
I would shuddder to let one of my abundance of children go even for a "good" person's salvation.
The Father gave his only Son.
For anyone.
Stuart Townsend says it better.

"How deep the Father's love for us,
 How vast beyond all measure
 That He should give His only Son
 To make a wretch His treasure

 How great the pain of searing loss,
 The Father turns His face away
 As wounds which mar the chosen One,
 Bring many sons to glory"

There are no words for this kind of love.

And thank God for the beautiful sunshine this morning! I find it so cheering and cheerful!
Happy April,everyone!
I think we've gotten through the winter!