Tuesday, May 28, 2013

our own garden!

So this is so exciting for me I have to post!
I now have a fenced in garden with raised beds and everything. There are lots of finishing touches I'd like to add but we have the foundation for garden goodness laid!
And, I have basil growing in the new garden. My own basil that I do not have to fork over $$ every time I want to make things with basil!!
These years since we've moved back to the US have been both inspiring and frustrating for me, especially when I visit the farmers market. It looks so great and creative and healthful but part of me just wants to say, I can do this myself! Especially when I see the price tags. It's just hard to fit much into the budget. But now after almost 6 years, I have my own super cool growing space again!
By God's grace! Wow!

Off to bathe Dragonbaby!