Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The chickenpox.....

I have gotten them all through the chickenpox,
I have gotten them all through the chickenpox,
I have gotten them all through the chickenpox,
I have done that which is my duty to do...
I am still alive......
Though this post could reflect the condition of my mind....

Actually,we are fine.The pox is almost gone. We employed plenty of Epsom salt, packs of oatmeal -colloidal something bath mix and some Oregon Grape extract or whatever it's exactly called. They spent restless nights in our bed. We ran baths at strange hours of the night.We dug out the video collection. In short, it was doable. And this mama is glad a secret fear is dealt with and history!

We are thankful for the healing hand of God in it all.May He be praised.
I have some neat links for you all to follow somewhere in my brain I believe,some lovely thoughts and Bible verses, pictures,stories.... But right now I must continue my mission to bring this home's clothing Monster under control. So.....until later!
In His Love!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Usage of Parental Time...

I want to live my life as much as possible unhindered by "stuff"
In the quiet of the morning I want to enjoy sounding out words with my oldest as we make valentines,
I want to revel in red glitter and markers all the colors of the rainbow mixed with all our bits of paper as we gather around the kitchen table, manufacturing expressions of love with our hands.

I want to relax to the music of little boys helping me mix up pie and chop apples for a salad of jello.

I want to take in the scent of scrambled eggs and cheese coming from the frying pan as my big boy cooks.

I wanna make chalk masterpieces on the basement floor with no thought of hurrying up to get it over with,while my little ones ache for Mommy to relax for just once.

I wanna laugh with joy over my little men's first pieces of wobbly furniture coming out of their basement workshop and even take time to try it out!

I wanna snuggle with small,soft heads tucked under my chin as we read stories....

And I want to be disciplined when they are busy so I am available when they need me.

So in the new house I packed lots of things into boxes....

And put them in the basement.
And I tossed things out.
One way or another we will make time together a priority over things,

It's working and I couldn't be more pleased.

What it boils down to is that too often our stuff hinders our life.And the essence of life is not about stuff,it's about God and for parents our children and their relationship with God,and us as mini models of the Ultimate parent in a sense. And all this relationship takes time!

May God bless your use of time today and your understanding of it!
In His Love,