Thursday, December 27, 2007

And the last while.....

Russian Teacakes and Dutch Oven Bread
Dutch oven bread in process .....

A crowd of children,rocks and paint equals lots of rock masterpieces!

It might be small but on Christmas night a lot of folks enjoyed this bird! Lee was given this as a gift by someone he's remodeling for.It was our first time roasting a turkey but it went quite well. I even got a huge soup out of the carcass.

Here is our "Wren Bird".

This shot is dark-sorry.

Here the light is shining on the lit up piece.Lights are lining the walls of the cavern.It's illegal to touch the cavern growths so one has to be very careful with small children while inside.

Jess and Alex in front of a display. It was nicely done and even had "touch tables" so we could be hands on.

This is Alex in the room adjacent to the entrance of caverns near our home.Lee's brother was in town and gifted us some passes to go on this tour.We had left our camera at home so we had to make do with the dinky cell phone camera.We still had a wonderful time with a lovely guide.

The baby is doing well though she is a stern child.She's definitely very stingy with smiles,preferring to stare in a penetrating fashion.But it doesn't seem to diminish our love for her!
The children are all growing and learning.Jess loves to carry the baby-I can tell it makes him feel very important.They vacuum,clean the bathroom sink,keep toys picked up and set the table and even sweep up after a meal so my load is definitely lighter than the last time we had a baby in the house.Plus they are my "legs" for countless little errands.For this I am very grateful.
We are working on learning the sounds of the consanants right now besides all the little projects we do.Wait till I tell you about boiling turkey bones in laundry detergent on the stove for my dinosaur bone liking lads!
Well,I have a load of baby laundry to fold yet and it's already late...... Goodnight! Marcella

Monday, December 24, 2007

We practice reading

Our reading practice charts.We are practicing the soundsof the consanants right now.
Lee had a birthday the other night. Here he is with the youngest member of our tribe.I would write more but I have the beginnings of Costa Rican "gallo pinto" on the stove and it might be starting to burn! Marcella

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Homeschooling Day

Art,reading and our wall of facts about the state of Virginia.Reading history with Daddy and handsewing on paper rounded out the day.Our visitors have left and hopefully we will have a few quiet days! We never know around here! Marcella

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowflakes and Gingerbread Houses

Jeremiah and Timothy with their "gingerbread houses" we constructed yesterday.Minutes later they started to devour them.
Above, are the snowflakes we made the other day hanging from the light fixture.
I'm posting way more pictures than notes these days. I seem to be short on time-is that a surprise? Marcella

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinosaurs in Ohio

We traveled to Ohio over the weekend to attend church meetings. On Sunday we gathered in a welcome center that had a dinosaur room,complete with tunnels and all kinds of accessories.Here's a shot of Alex peekeing out of one of the tunnel entrances or exits-I'm not sure which was which! I managed to escape being forced into the maze-barely!
Well,there's lots on my heart to share from the weekend but I have children in the tub to supervise,family getting in from the airport soon and evening cleaning to finish,namely two bedrooms so I will sign off for the moment. Wishing all a good night.