Tuesday, January 22, 2013

forward motion

still can't upload pics-frustrating!

the pipes froze last night. jesse and alex were instrumental in getting them unfrozen!

lee worked late into the night building drawers for the island/bar. 2 drawers to go equals awesome!
then i think we stain and stain.
we're almost done.
maybe we can start being normal again!
or at least move the mess outside.
there are raised beds to make and i've got visions of garden glory!

things are not too exciting for the pilgrim family right now.
but forward motion is happening. that's what i keep saying to myself.
focus on the forward motion.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

list of things for 2013

list of things i'd like to accomplish in '13:

collect outdoor tables and set them under trees and amidst the garden

  • start on the edible landscaping process
  • plant a lot of flowers,especially zinnias and sunflowers
  • continue working out
  • invite people over for dinner more often
  • make a proper fire pit
  • buy plenty of marshmallows when they are on sale and hide them in the freezer so i can be prepared at any time for marshmallow roasts
7 things on this list right now. i need to think about whether there are more things...

Pictures aren't working today.
i wanted to show a cute shot of Lee and dragonbaby by the Christmas tree...
maybe another day...


Sunday, January 13, 2013

observing ..


the weather is incredibly warm for january. dragonbaby is sitting on my lap in only a diaper!
the girls have been making sawdust cakes outside and the boys pulled out the slingshot and tried their hand at squirrelhunting.

this desk i'm writing at is a mess.

lee and i keep editing out stuff that does not work in our small living quarters,thus leaving only the  really great and useful stuff. it makes us be awfully disciplined at not hoarding and us two Packrats are getting much better at that!

the excess boards seem to have left the kitchen. amazing!
we are getting close to the end of this huge kitchen project and its sawdusty mess. yes!!!
lee made soda crackers this morning. he was so proud!

dragonbaby says let's move on,mom!


Friday, January 4, 2013

quiet and full

today i started the Jillian Michaels " 30 day shred" program.
one word. ouch.

i didn't get as much done as i might have liked. we have a sad,teething baby these days.
well,sometimes sad. his smiles are yummy,provoking hugging and kissing fits.

jesse is snuggled on the couch,on his ipod.

squirrelgirl got me to feed her straight cheese cubes as she stood at the bar Lee is in the process of finishing. this interior reno work can get a bit old.

chelsea,our early retirer has gone off to bed and i am guilty that i've forgotten to go say nightly prayers before she fell asleep.

alex and lee are off as Lee celebrates a birthday of a friend and alex tends to things of the collector,the trading of little treasures with the friend's son.
dragonbaby has finally gone off to sleep after being consoled with a lavendar scented bath and much nursing.

my to-do list has much undone but i am tired.

i think soon i shall slip beneath my polka dotted flannel sheets and read and probably sleep.

another january day, coming to an end.

quiet and full.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 & 2012 pics

Welcome 2013!
Will this here blog see more posts?
I hope so!