Sunday, January 13, 2013

observing ..


the weather is incredibly warm for january. dragonbaby is sitting on my lap in only a diaper!
the girls have been making sawdust cakes outside and the boys pulled out the slingshot and tried their hand at squirrelhunting.

this desk i'm writing at is a mess.

lee and i keep editing out stuff that does not work in our small living quarters,thus leaving only the  really great and useful stuff. it makes us be awfully disciplined at not hoarding and us two Packrats are getting much better at that!

the excess boards seem to have left the kitchen. amazing!
we are getting close to the end of this huge kitchen project and its sawdusty mess. yes!!!
lee made soda crackers this morning. he was so proud!

dragonbaby says let's move on,mom!


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