Monday, November 28, 2011

embracing the hard

Of late I have been a student of the "hard". Intentionally. Not a " getting by, putting up with hard" type of student.
An embracer of" hard " student.

See, I've been realizing that I tend to be a "feather the nest" make everything all better type of mama and person. I lean toward how can we nurture and ease the way for each other?
I enjoy creating an oasis in our home for my peeps to fall into, away from all the tough stuff.

But I've come to feel another part of my soul need growing. That I was a bit unbalanced.

A songwriter's comments drew me into thinking of the mysticalness of that place where it's just hard and there's nothing for it but to walk into it, face it, feel it and refuse to allow doubt and fear to prevail but to believe that God will be there even in the dark and that on the other side,every time He will be there. That there will always be good beckoning.
Because for the Christian even death has something bright beyond.

I am loving this imagery, even as we are laid out in the midst of "hard". Even as we sweat through, we can have the comforting image of our God faithfully holding out His hands,with good plans for us in spite of what it could look like.Somehow it makes doing hard so much more do-able.
Oh,and finding little surprises from Him in unexpected moments. Trailmarkers if you will.

But stories about them are for another day!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

our morning

So this is our morning so far..

Celestial Seasonings Chai tea with honey and creamer for me.

Starting the wood stove in the livingroom and lighting the gingerbread spice candle on our table.

Talking to two friends who called me bright and early-love that!

Crying over the onions I peeled and sliced for a pot of French Onion soup.

Curled up with at least one of my daughters in our comfy bed.

Watching the children sort and become "traders" in their enormous candy collection which friends have supplied them abundantly with. I should make no dessert for a month!

Now,off to the laundry room!