Thursday, April 29, 2010

re:spring coldness

To:Julia Charlotte,
For the record, I would like to say that today, this 29th day of April, it is just miserably cold. If I could find any newspaper around this house,I would probably start the woodstove.
But, I am afraid all the newspaper disappeared into our papermaking project yesterday.
So I turned on the oven. It should be preheated now. I think I will make pizza for breakfast.
Yep,sounds like a plan.
Maybe, a long nap under the covers, like Jess is doing up above will be in order if it doesn't warm up soon. We'll re-hibernate.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

re:pizza party last night

To:Julia Charlotte,
Last night I threw a pizza party. Most of the women in my church family came.
It was a good way to hang out together AND eat pizza.
Some of the women are getting married soon.
A lot of them are pregnant.
The topics of conversation were pretty typical.
Happy times!

Friday, April 23, 2010

re:imaginary Twitter account

To Julia Charlotte,
If I were using Twitter,it would probably look something like this....
...the boys are off this morning-for a day of sack lunches and making a geodisic dome (I think that's the term,and playing with a new friend. Haircuts are also happening.

...the girls and I played with the trike..

...I worked on cleaning the lawn, from the edge of the house out,mostly. The backyard is awesome!

....The boys took their handmade spears with them. Shudder.

....burrito for lunch with avacado-yum!
.....Squirrelgirl and I napped. I was awoken by the phone. It seemed to be a wrong number.

....worked on making more window stars with my Klutz kit.... Jamberry with girls

...they help me in the kitchen..

....every time I sit at the 'puter today I smell the lovely lilac bouquet a friend gave me last night

I need to send an email now.
Ciao! Pilgrimama

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

re: what to do in chilly weather

To Julia Charlotte,
Spring in our part of the world (Shenandoah, I can't believe I actually call this home! ) is well...tough...sometimes. Loads of warm weather,lugging out summer clothes and then bam! We have 34 degree F. type of mornings. And sometimes this weather drags,people! Well, in my few year experience anyway....
So, what do we do in this chilly weather?
Bake, do art projects and READ.
For those of you who've enjoyed My Father's Dragon,there's a sequel. We found our copy of My Father's Dragon for change while thrifting. Read it and it was a crowd pleaser.
So when we found Elmer and the? Dragon in the library one day,it definitely came home with us. It had the same delightful ingenuity as the first book and best of all,we found out the ending to this story. Of course like many books it needed some editing or discussion for a few parts but on the whole it was a fun book!

Off to read some stories to my tribe. ~Pilgrimama

Saturday, April 17, 2010


To Julia Charlotte,
Jars! Just a letter with pictures of Jars,you ask?
Well,you see these are special jars. Lots of them are big. Some of them have wide mouths.
I have searched for jars all winter at the thrift stores. And they charge quite a bit for jars sometimes. Especially those tall ones! No,no says I!
So I wait. And then, I go to this yard sale.(I do not go to yard sales all the time,so don't look down your nose at me.) And,at this yard sale out in the country(I rarely go to country yard sales either.) I spy with my little eye, a large cardboard box under a table. Two jars are beside it and the box itself is loaded with jars.
I carefully ask one of the sale ladies how much for the jars? Thinking maybe fifty cents a piece.
1.oo,she soon says. For all the jars,around and in this box.
I have already stored lots of food,such as pasta, rolled oats, unrefine type sugar, salt in them.
I am not a canister girl.
And,now I think I hear my kitchen calling me. Or is that my husband?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

re:missing a friend

To: Julia Charlotte~
Our family is missing a certain personage quite a bit this week...a kindred Traveler whom we have grown quite fond of! But she has new trails to travel and so we pray for her now. For protection,for constant renewal of the mind. May the Lord keep her and her special someone safe and beautiful of heart!
And off to bed for me!
In His Love,Pilgrimama

Monday, April 12, 2010

re: lists

To: Julia Charlotte,
We have gotten some important stuff crossed off the list this late winter and spring.
We read all the way through the children's version of Homer, we read two other books which shall be featured here soon, I think, and we are a good ways into Proverbs now.
(I really like lists.)
Now for another challenge to myself. Exercise every day for 3 months. If I can do that, I will treat myself to this--!
Off to exercise and do some organizing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

re:investment in Life

Last week we celebrated and rejoiced in the fact that we serve a Risen Saviour, the Alive Light of the world.
Light. Powerful light.

Maybe because of the blessing/shower celebrations(for brides and babies)
going on in my community I am thinking about the beauty and richness I experience from investing in the lives of the people around me.
I find it interesting that in a roundabout way, Jesus called the rich young ruler to invest in the lives of those around him instead of hoarding his goods to himself.
I am in awe of the lifechanging power and the ability to encourage that lies in little acts of investment in the lives of others.
This is part of the Christian's bank account,of His wealth!
In His Love,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

re:handmade heatpacks

To Julia Charlotte,
My fingers have had a creative itch recently. So I made these two heatpacks which you can heat in the microwave and use on your aches and pains.This picture is bad. It was taken in the middle of the night. I was whipping the last one together ,before a whirlwind trip to New York for a wedding,and visiting with friends. Anyhoo, I am pretty pleased with this new handmade gift item in my repertoire......!
I've already made pancakes and egg for Lee and sent him off to work,washed dishes and pretreated and sorted laundry this morning. Soon it's hauling out the recycling,folding laundry and getting my boys up for breakfast. It is almost eight....!