Friday, April 23, 2010

re:imaginary Twitter account

To Julia Charlotte,
If I were using Twitter,it would probably look something like this....
...the boys are off this morning-for a day of sack lunches and making a geodisic dome (I think that's the term,and playing with a new friend. Haircuts are also happening.

...the girls and I played with the trike..

...I worked on cleaning the lawn, from the edge of the house out,mostly. The backyard is awesome!

....The boys took their handmade spears with them. Shudder.

....burrito for lunch with avacado-yum!
.....Squirrelgirl and I napped. I was awoken by the phone. It seemed to be a wrong number.

....worked on making more window stars with my Klutz kit.... Jamberry with girls

...they help me in the kitchen..

....every time I sit at the 'puter today I smell the lovely lilac bouquet a friend gave me last night

I need to send an email now.
Ciao! Pilgrimama

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