Tuesday, April 20, 2010

re: what to do in chilly weather

To Julia Charlotte,
Spring in our part of the world (Shenandoah, I can't believe I actually call this home! ) is well...tough...sometimes. Loads of warm weather,lugging out summer clothes and then bam! We have 34 degree F. type of mornings. And sometimes this weather drags,people! Well, in my few year experience anyway....
So, what do we do in this chilly weather?
Bake, do art projects and READ.
For those of you who've enjoyed My Father's Dragon,there's a sequel. We found our copy of My Father's Dragon for change while thrifting. Read it and it was a crowd pleaser.
So when we found Elmer and the? Dragon in the library one day,it definitely came home with us. It had the same delightful ingenuity as the first book and best of all,we found out the ending to this story. Of course like many books it needed some editing or discussion for a few parts but on the whole it was a fun book!

Off to read some stories to my tribe. ~Pilgrimama

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