Saturday, April 17, 2010


To Julia Charlotte,
Jars! Just a letter with pictures of Jars,you ask?
Well,you see these are special jars. Lots of them are big. Some of them have wide mouths.
I have searched for jars all winter at the thrift stores. And they charge quite a bit for jars sometimes. Especially those tall ones! No,no says I!
So I wait. And then, I go to this yard sale.(I do not go to yard sales all the time,so don't look down your nose at me.) And,at this yard sale out in the country(I rarely go to country yard sales either.) I spy with my little eye, a large cardboard box under a table. Two jars are beside it and the box itself is loaded with jars.
I carefully ask one of the sale ladies how much for the jars? Thinking maybe fifty cents a piece.
1.oo,she soon says. For all the jars,around and in this box.
I have already stored lots of food,such as pasta, rolled oats, unrefine type sugar, salt in them.
I am not a canister girl.
And,now I think I hear my kitchen calling me. Or is that my husband?