Tuesday, June 30, 2009

igloos,aquariums, cookies and tea parties!

a tidy table and a bouquet from a friend...
constructing a sugar cube igloo while studying the letter I..

finishing touches....


These summer days are full ones,filled with simple enjoyment and fellowship-oh so lovely.
The children and we have been busy learning to read and related projects for them,keeping it up with it all for us. They have been preparing a used aquarium,baking cookies and filling their talking cookie jar, reading(!), playing soccer,seeing friends, volunteering with us and going with us to early morning worship with fellow believers.
We've helped organize a fundraiser yardsale and thrown a tea party. We are singing, worshipping and praying together here in this far country and pressing on to be more like Christ and to have clearer vision of the kingdom of God. We are grateful for this full life and looking forward to Life in its fullness in glory.
May your summer be as blessed!
In Him,

Monday, June 22, 2009

exploring all over

Illumination,by Jess,age 7, 2009 Jess had these shots waiting when I returned from CR. A piece of art and thinking outside the box!
A flash face self portrait?
We've had another wonderful weekend as a family with all our loved ones and friends.
My guys all went on a father-son campout for two nights,leaving the girls and I home for a leisurely time together. And,oh, so much quietness!
So while my guys ate marinated rattlesnake the girls and I ate cookies,had family over for an evening movie,went to an art festival for little people, etc. etc. We hung out together and went visiting Sunday and topped it off with worship and breakfast this morning with church family.Fellowshipping in the morning sunbeams over coconut macaroons was so peaceful...
We've been doing lots of projects,including a couple cute Father's Day ones which we need to show here now.Maybe tomorrow?
Well,I'm preparing for a tea party so off to bed I must go! Here's wishing many summer blessings to all!
In His Love,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

surrounded by home..sweet home

the nature shelf is burgeoning....
there's a piece of quartz from Colorado back there,courtesy of my sister-in-law...

a skull I found at a yard sale...

seven year old boys create interesting things in the kitchen!

Jess and Alex each made a batch of cookies as part of our summer homeschool projects with little help from me! Now that's the way I like it!
Home and being back home is wonderful! Maybe I'll even feel like blogging more regularly again who knows! Guests,summer school, and housework keep me quite occupied these days though,so we shall see.
Hopefully,some reflections on my trip coming up before too long though!
In His Love,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The classic apron...
A farm baby...

This is the feared terciopelo snake. It was quite long.

A Peruvian grandmother and Squirrelgirl hanging out together on the balcony.
Well,I feel like reflection on this whole trip is forthcoming! For the moment,Lord willing, I am looking toward the harbor lights of home. Soon, soon....
In His Love,

Friday, June 5, 2009

a peek into tropical farm life

There are plenty of baby turkeys for Squirrelgirl to wonder over...
She got to stomp around in the pasture,visiting a mama turkey and her babies. I forgot to add the dead snake picture here... Um,let's think about turkeys,shall we?

You get to have mini bananas just a baby's size. The ultimate in nature's kid friendly organic snacks?

Here's my hand with a banana in it. My hands are small. The banana fit easily.
I have more pics which I may or may not post... Maybe I will only email them to friends who beg? I do belive I should show you all the dead snake at some point though...
I have had many interesting, inspiring and educational moments here and I am grateful!
The Lord makes all things beautiful!
In His love!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

alive and well..

Squirrelgirl and I are alive and well! She is having a blast! Right now she's off at a marshmallow roast and I will soon join her. Hopefully more pics tomorrow.
~ In Him, Pilgrimama