Tuesday, June 30, 2009

igloos,aquariums, cookies and tea parties!

a tidy table and a bouquet from a friend...
constructing a sugar cube igloo while studying the letter I..

finishing touches....


These summer days are full ones,filled with simple enjoyment and fellowship-oh so lovely.
The children and we have been busy learning to read and related projects for them,keeping it up with it all for us. They have been preparing a used aquarium,baking cookies and filling their talking cookie jar, reading(!), playing soccer,seeing friends, volunteering with us and going with us to early morning worship with fellow believers.
We've helped organize a fundraiser yardsale and thrown a tea party. We are singing, worshipping and praying together here in this far country and pressing on to be more like Christ and to have clearer vision of the kingdom of God. We are grateful for this full life and looking forward to Life in its fullness in glory.
May your summer be as blessed!
In Him,

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SAHMinIL said...

Those look cool and a lot of fun!