Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about food

Decaf coffee-how have you been such a well-kept secret from me. O, how I enjoy thee...
making cookies for a Love Day tea party...

Dear Julia Charlotte,

Per your request here is a list of foods we have been making or eaten!

Curried chicken, pancakes with chocolate bits mixed in, steak with mashed potatoes and lima beans in a buttery sauce(at a birthday party), fruit in it's raw and canned form, homemade bread which was a gift from a dinner guest, pumpkin muffins(made using the last pumpkin from Lee's gardening harvest last fall), fresh eggs from a friend's hens, gallo pinto and tuna salad which we made for Sunday lunch at church, Carribean Black Bean soup, which we made gallons of it seems, for Nathan's workplace, curried split peas,um this list could be awfully long.How much detail do you want?
What's most enjoyable about all the food is being able to share it. Hunger often isn't just of the body but of the heart also. And often, we get to fill a little of both when we gather round and ladle the soup or serve the pancakes!

On a different note my camera had a weeks vacation at a friend's house and I have just gotten it back! Now you can have letters and photos again! Keep checkin' yer mailbox!

Friday, February 12, 2010

raisin toast and other subjects

Dear Julia Charlotte,
(The other day's photos) My camera went AWOL yesterday. Today was not a day for pictures-too full and scurried. We went to our local food co-op -to-be(we hope) festival tonight,my cousin and I. It was a nice ending to a full and busy day. Worship and a traditional French Toast breakfast at the community center started off our day followed by walking in the snow, then a lot more of Homer and cold cereal for lunch. I cleaned and organized this afternoon,visited with friends that dropped in and my cousin later. Lee was showing a movie this evening at the center and then watched the girls so the rest of us could go out. Sweet of him!

The loaf of raisin toast...
this helps keep us warm these cold,cold days....

making homemade envelopes for our homemade valentines...

breakfast citrus...
Julia,I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't have February cabin fever. At least this shows me I am somewhat normal! I rather enjoy the quiet,hideyhole nature of winter.
I enjoy seclusion for the fact that it allows me to be creative without any demands of humankind(or rather fewer) for a brief space.
Take a look at Notions and Threads theme for this month-http://www.notionsandthreads.blogspot.com ! I have a theme related craft that should be featured here soon!
Good-night,Julia. May your dreams be sweet and not about a mouse as I dreamt about the other night!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

being a camera

Dear Julia Charlotte,

"We can see something of God in each person…Be a camera. Empty yourself and take pictures of people. Let yourself be surprised. Open your shutter just for a moment, and be amazed at the illumination that floods in. Even though you’ve already encountered millions of people in your lifetime, let this one, the one in front of you now, astonish you."
Mike Mason, Practicing the Presence of People
I have often been amazed at the way a person's spirit shines through his eyes. And I've pondered why the one big difference between a dead person and a live one seems to be most markedly in the eyes. Death turns off an inner light, that in life is lit, and shines through the eye.
I feel like that light, put into us by our Maker, is often dulled by sin. But just look into the eyes of a person at peace with God and men and the light of his eye radiates something very beautiful and clear!
Julia, the crows are sitting on the naked tree outside my window and their silhouettes are awesome! And the children are playing store, messyhaired and breakfastless.
Do you think writing before making breakfast for one's children equals neglect?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

valentine letter

Dear Julia Charlotte,
A quick note in the box today with pics. Keep Jesus as the Center, Julia. Always. It will transform your life!

We made valentines at the community center last night-the three oldest children and me. It was fun. So much beautiful paper! Some of our beloved will find these at their house someday soon we hope!

A valentine for my sweet dude....

Sweet mail in the mailbox.

Tea comes alongside snow weary folks. Tea is good.

We seem to have wet clothes drying all over the place!

I have challenged the children to listen to a full reading of this version of Homer. We are understanding better the ire against St. Paul as we observe the deep belief in gods and goddesses. As controversial as reading about gods and godesses may be,I admire the discipline it is taking for the children to listen and narrate back to me on this story.
I HEAR MORE SNOW IS ON THE WAY. I am glad you did not have too much rain. Make some chocolate cake and eat it in the sunshine and thank God for all your blessings. I will thank Him and hope to get a shot of the sunrise!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Julia Charlotte, I hope you're enjoying the weather in your warmer area of the world. We had quite the snow come down this past weekend. Lee's work requires him to do a lot of snowplowing so we didn't see too much of him. My sister came and babysat so I could go to a blessingway with friends. The roads were so bad we did a bunch of walking instead but it was a party to remember! A bunch of us from church were woman enough to dare to go out that night!
I am sending another package of pictures. I struggle to have enough time to play with words the way I'd like. They say a picture is worth a lot of words. Does it feel that way to you?
some snow captured on camera from my bedroom window...

we are getting reacquainted with firewood...

playing Rock,Paper,Scissors before bed...

this is a recent project-my handsewn pillow made out of bandannas!

MAKING THESE CUTE WINDOW BIRDS... find out how from:

watching the first Narnia movie...
It's Monday. There has been early morning prayer meeting, our traditional pancake breakfast, cleaning, vegetarian lunch making to treat guitar teacher, guitar lesson,a huge poop mess in two rooms(don't ask me how), a failed nap, tinkering on an article with a family member,woodhauling and still lots more on the list for the evening. i MUST end this letter!

Monday, February 1, 2010

pictures of words

Dear Julia Charlotte, It has been a very full last few days! I am too tired for words. So here is a picture of words. Our word magnets to be exact. The rules are copied off a motto from http://www.beautythatmoves.typepad.com.

Music is pretty constant in our house. Do you enjoy it too? Here are two of my darlings singing(i think)!
Signing off,