Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about food

Decaf coffee-how have you been such a well-kept secret from me. O, how I enjoy thee...
making cookies for a Love Day tea party...

Dear Julia Charlotte,

Per your request here is a list of foods we have been making or eaten!

Curried chicken, pancakes with chocolate bits mixed in, steak with mashed potatoes and lima beans in a buttery sauce(at a birthday party), fruit in it's raw and canned form, homemade bread which was a gift from a dinner guest, pumpkin muffins(made using the last pumpkin from Lee's gardening harvest last fall), fresh eggs from a friend's hens, gallo pinto and tuna salad which we made for Sunday lunch at church, Carribean Black Bean soup, which we made gallons of it seems, for Nathan's workplace, curried split peas,um this list could be awfully long.How much detail do you want?
What's most enjoyable about all the food is being able to share it. Hunger often isn't just of the body but of the heart also. And often, we get to fill a little of both when we gather round and ladle the soup or serve the pancakes!

On a different note my camera had a weeks vacation at a friend's house and I have just gotten it back! Now you can have letters and photos again! Keep checkin' yer mailbox!

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