Thursday, February 11, 2010

being a camera

Dear Julia Charlotte,

"We can see something of God in each person…Be a camera. Empty yourself and take pictures of people. Let yourself be surprised. Open your shutter just for a moment, and be amazed at the illumination that floods in. Even though you’ve already encountered millions of people in your lifetime, let this one, the one in front of you now, astonish you."
Mike Mason, Practicing the Presence of People
I have often been amazed at the way a person's spirit shines through his eyes. And I've pondered why the one big difference between a dead person and a live one seems to be most markedly in the eyes. Death turns off an inner light, that in life is lit, and shines through the eye.
I feel like that light, put into us by our Maker, is often dulled by sin. But just look into the eyes of a person at peace with God and men and the light of his eye radiates something very beautiful and clear!
Julia, the crows are sitting on the naked tree outside my window and their silhouettes are awesome! And the children are playing store, messyhaired and breakfastless.
Do you think writing before making breakfast for one's children equals neglect?

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