Wednesday, May 2, 2012

rhythm off..grateful list

Rhythm. That's what I'm thinking about.
And the lack of it.
I am a girl who really likes a basic rhythm in life. I can handle trips somewhat well and other such disruptions. But it's the things like moving or the new year starting that mess with me.
It's digging in the deep parts of me and moving me into change and risk and I tend toward safe and predictable.

We are in the midst of major transition right now.
Poised to leap into a new way of life on numerous levels.
I struggle to walk in faith.
Fear of unknown things stalks.
Faith is sustaining me though. Praise God!

I am really, really grateful for our church family and our wider circle of friends in this area.
I am grateful that we are not moving far away.
I am grateful I get to keep treasured friendships and brothers and sisters in the Lord close at hand.
I know life sometimes calls us to sojourn away from the known as we serve our God, but for the here and now and forseeable future I am glad to stay close to "home".Even if I'm a Pilgrim passing through!

I am thankful my mom can be here helping me care for the seemingly gazillion details to be tied up in our home here in town.
I am thankful Lee is able to navigate the hoop jumping of another part of our new life plans, as yet undisclosed.
 I am thankful for friends that do things like pick up the children and sweep them off for a  tea party or the family who brought us a great big dinner one night and all the rest who extend offers and help!

Life is challenging at the moment but good.
Wishing you a blessed Wednesday!