Monday, March 1, 2010

re: raw motherhood moments

Dear Julia Charlotte,Here's another stack of pictures...chronicling motherhood in it's raw reality. No book or magazine,with all their attempts at telling the truth about motherhood ,can probably ever reach the heights (or depths) of up close honesty that blogs can.
Clothes, doll clothes plus costumery equals One Big Mess. Systems are great for making order from the mess. Then-work the systems!

Sooooo part of the decor (not!).

How does this get in here?
This is part of what my job as Mom With Many Hats is. Broomwielder is on my resume`.
This is a very real part of my day. It is part of many moms' days. The dirty truth.
You will do this over and over. Find it, face it and sweep it into the trash.

Things like this will bob over your head. They provide the opportunity to laugh.

And this, these little dear ones are whom we are blessed to serve. Even when we feel like as exhausted as this little darling.
In Christ,

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