Thursday, March 4, 2010

re: books and pajamas

Dear Julia Charlotte, some of the books we got at a literature fair recently..
You do see a Max Lucado book on that pile. My children have a few of Lucado's books, one or two courtesy of a loving Sunday school teacher. How do you feel about Lucado's books?
I found Jodi Picoult's Mercy among the piles. I rarely read novels but I have read some of Picoult's work. Mercy tackles a difficult topic as usual. Not recommended for just any readership.
A side note. (I saw my neighbor a couple doors down, out back wearing a coat and pajamas. I felt happy to see she was so normal. She is a lot older than me,I hope that still gives me justification???
But then I had a worrisome thought. I hear a new family is moving into the empty house next door. The wife is from England. She is a mother. Do proper English mums ever sneak out with the garbage in a coat and pajama bottoms?
And worse yet,if I don't get some curtains on our windows, she might see pajamas being worn at other odd times of the day. But I can see in her windows too. I know. I'll hang a sign in my window that says"It's ok, WE CAN BOTH WEAR PAJAMAS! I WON'T TELL! LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM!"
On to other things. Be well.

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