Saturday, March 20, 2010

re: Shakespeare behind Bars

Dear Julia Charlotte, This is a letter to tell you about a good flick. Last night I left house,children and chores with a sitter and went off to meet my good friend and cousin for a movie night at the community center.
Photo of lantern at a ladies tea night in a local tea house.

We watched Skakespeare behind Bars. The movie covers a group of prisoners through the course of putting on a Shakespeare play. It's a story of talents being unearthed, of growth, of redemption of life of a sort (though you will ache,especially at certain points for them to know the redemption of Jesus Christ) of humanity. The photography is amazing also.
Not recommended for children though,so get a sitter if you go to see this one.

On to the day. We have colds,Lee worked all night(the scamp!) and there are curtains to be hung, wedding gifts to buy, compost to deal with. Good stuff on Saturdays! May your day go well also!

In His Love,


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affectioknit said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love Shakespeare!