Tuesday, March 2, 2010

re: the blahs

homemade valentines using scraps of fabric

I think we got this idea at all buttoned up and adapted it.

Dear Julia Charlotte,

Have you ever had one of those days that are gray outside, (and inside too)?

You can't decide what to do and feel listless about starting anything?

The blahs get worse and worse as you think about how much time is being wasted doing nothing?

What works for me is usually this. I go do one or two small things. As I do those things I will see more things that need to be done. Interest starts building. And soon the blahs are gone!

March is still cold around here but Spring promises it's first official day later this month. I am hibernating pretty much still. Kind of a sulky hibernation.

Maybe I will send you pictures of the stack of books I picked up at the thrift store over the weekend. And as a side note, we finished Homer for children last week. It was quite the strenuous read. Jess has been reading a kids book on Abraham Lincoln with Lee in the last few days. That was one of my weekend thrift store finds.

I should go to bed now. Everyone else is snuggled under comforters and the like,sleeping, while Squirrelgirl and I play with our respective electronic toys(the computer for me and the Babe (pig)movie for her.


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