Thursday, March 18, 2010

re:crocuses and projects

Dear Julia Charlotte, Here is the promised picture of our backyard crocuses. Aren't they lovely? They've been up for probably almost two weeks now.

Here's that project I had in mind to go with the bathtime theme on the notions and threads blog(see sidebar). I sewed away at our areas monthly birth related circle time.No, I am not pregnant. But my friends go, a lot of them. So,you see?

This wasn't supposed to turn into a bath puppet. If you follow the directions in the pictured book, you should get a better finished project. It's called a bath buddy. I should have read the directions more thoroughly,I imagine. The key seems to be WRAPPING the bar of soap and then sewing it into the washcloth.
Well, there's a pumpkin cake in the oven,the trash and recycling has been hauled to the curb, a bit of yard tidying happened and now onto feeding the tribe breakfast. After that, library, lunch and art class. This evening: lots of company for "small group" night!
In Christ, Pilgrimama

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