Wednesday, March 24, 2010

re:green and yellow

Dear Julia Charlotte, Green and yellow are becoming popular colors around here! I spied delicate green from tree branches in my backyard this morning! evening shot of some of our daffodils...
daffodils are coming up all over the place!!

On St. Patrick's Day, we dug out SquirrelGirl's spring coat. It was appropriately colored.

On St. Pat's day we all wore something green for an evening outing! We studied the reasons for the day as a homeschool lesson that day( minus the beer and gold-lust!).

painting shamrocks......

SquirrelGirl paints .....

Our shamrock banner! (I wonder why the shamrocks curled up later??)
You can find the original instructions for this project at No Time for Flashcards
Did you know that (according to our limited research) St. Patrick,when bringing Christianity to Ireland, used the shamrock to explain God. As the shamrock has three leaves on each stem, St. Patrick explained that the shamrock was like the Trinity. There may be other explanations about all this but it was an interesting way to study Ireland a bit and surrounding topics.
We did come to the question of whether one ever could come to the end of a rainbow and delved into the research of that. Happy bunny trails!