Friday, January 4, 2013

quiet and full

today i started the Jillian Michaels " 30 day shred" program.
one word. ouch.

i didn't get as much done as i might have liked. we have a sad,teething baby these days.
well,sometimes sad. his smiles are yummy,provoking hugging and kissing fits.

jesse is snuggled on the couch,on his ipod.

squirrelgirl got me to feed her straight cheese cubes as she stood at the bar Lee is in the process of finishing. this interior reno work can get a bit old.

chelsea,our early retirer has gone off to bed and i am guilty that i've forgotten to go say nightly prayers before she fell asleep.

alex and lee are off as Lee celebrates a birthday of a friend and alex tends to things of the collector,the trading of little treasures with the friend's son.
dragonbaby has finally gone off to sleep after being consoled with a lavendar scented bath and much nursing.

my to-do list has much undone but i am tired.

i think soon i shall slip beneath my polka dotted flannel sheets and read and probably sleep.

another january day, coming to an end.

quiet and full.



Rosa G said...

Cheers to a New Year sis....and to jillian Michaels! love you more than you know!

Rosa G said...

(I meant I love YOU more than you know, NOT Lillian)