Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Lamplighter Book Recommendation

Recently good friends of ours purchased a number of the Lamplighter books and have been introducing them to our church fellowship. While some, after reviewing,haven't exactly made the cut for some of us, I do recommend one I'm reading to our boys,titled "Jessica's First Prayer".
The setting is a long while ago,but it seems to me the same problems exist today.In the story, the church usher fears losing his job and good social standing ahead of helping a poor,little beggar girl. And he certainly doesn't think that sort of person belongs in the pews among the ladies and gentleman during church services.Oh,no, they musn't be bothered with the poor while they worship God! Eventually he comes to repentance,but a message is clear.Too often,church becomes a social function where we speak of Love as a noun instead of being intimate with Love as a verb.Shouldn't the needy be a focus of church instead of too often on the fringes of our outreach?
You can find the book,"Jessica's First Prayer" at under the Children's Hour Library link.

God has so much to teach us-may we surrender our hearts to Him!

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