Monday, June 16, 2008

Maturity and Potato Salad

It has seemed to me for quite a while that one of the signs of being a mature adult woman was having one's own trademark potato salad recipe. My 26th birthday is fast approaching.I believe I have just recently found The Recipe. Could it be that I am coming near Real Adulthood?All rather tongue-in-cheek of course!
In the interest of not plagiarizing (or however that is spelled) I will tell you the basic ingredients.You can figure out the rest.

Grown-up Woman's Potato Salad:mix together potatoes,shredded carrots(not overwhelmingly much),finely chopped scallions,green pepper(I omitted), chopped celery,hardboiled eggs,parsley(I omitted) and mayo,plus salt and pepper to taste.You can sprinkle paprika on top at the end,which I also omitted.Refrigerate a few hours before serving.Use commonsense to prepare!
Especially tasty when using potatoes from one's own garden!

Other kitchen news: I have also made strawberry freezer jam,strawberry pie and eaten pureed strawberries with peanut butter cake.Iam now satisfied that I have tasted the full range of strawberry and thankful for the blessing of being able to enjoy such richness.

We have had company or outside engagements pretty constantly and this week doesn't look much different.Iam rushing to do laundry in my few spare moments.And to that end I should go see about getting one final batch in soak before I drop from exhaustion! Good-night all!

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