Thursday, June 19, 2008

When homeschooling works Too well!???

aLEX:" Mom is this iron on or off?"(Fiddles with my iron.)

Me: "It's off but never take chances."

Jess:" Mom,but Ms. Frizzle says always take chances.....!

Ahh,the advice from the wacky schoolteacher of the Magic Schoolbus.

On to other things....
Did you know strawberry freezer jam and peanut butter go very well on rice cakes?

Yesterday afternoon I took three of the single,young ladies out to a historic town for coffee.I only had the baby with me so it was pretty relaxing.We went walking,planning on checking out a couple coffeeshops but then we spotted a cute little place we hadn't planned on going to and ended up having a wonderful time there. The trip was my birthday gift to one of the young women which ended up being a perfect gift idea.The coffeeshop had lots of fine candies,chocolate,wine teas etc. so we picked up gifts for another birthday gathering we were headed for.
Then we went to a park and climbed up a hill to a little gazebo and sat all by ourselves while I read the group the story of Jonah. We had great fellowship and got some lovely pictures.

We picked up a wheelchair using deaf woman on our way to the next party and got to that in time for hot funnelcakes. I did a gift certificate for the birthday boy,which was for his favorite pie along with a large fish shaped lollipop stuck to it. Being creative with gifts intrigues me as you can probably guess...!

Today,I need to work in the garden,clean,cook and hopefully make some homemade playdough with the children.All before we make our next engagement for dinner this evening.......Lord willing.

Hasta Luego,Marcella

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