Friday, June 6, 2008

Essences of a Summer Morning

The hammock in our front yard.
The big,leafy canopy over our front porch-beautiful!

Flowers gracing the porch entrance.

A cheery welcome sign.
The cheer of so many summer mornings fills me with a sort of awe. Awe at this life. We are here for a bit in the unfathomable Plan of the Creator and He blesses us with all this beauty.Cheery summer mornings whisper of things unseen around the bend, of Life stretching on in front of us and all the delight of the immediate blessings of sun and breezes,sweet strawberries and juicy peas shining with dew.And sweetest of all is to grasp that the same Creator loves us and wants to flow through us with His love making us sweet and joyful and full of purpose for our lives.Ready to walk around that bend and embrace everything He has for us. Thank-you Lord for the blessings of the immediate and for all that lies ahead.
Last night we sat around enjoying fresh broccoli cheese soup and cornbread with some good friends and sharing our experiences of the Lord.They brought three cartons of wonderful ice cream and we fired up our new blender and made a fancy coffee drink which was reminiscent of our cafe days.And of course we showed them a slideshow of Lee's latest tour in Costa Rica and some old cafe pics etc. So that made a relaxing evening.
This morning I arose fairly early and Lee and I had a leisurely breakfast together with the baby.The children and I watched some Little Bear when they got up,had breakfast and did the dishes. Then Chelsea and I read her new Spanish/English book of prayers and then we went on to reading about sharks and the like with the boys.We took some rabbit trails from that,watching a YouTube clip of a baby shark moving around while still in its egg and also a great white shark swimming near divers. And of course while studying Belugas we listened to Baby Beluga!
And now everyone's doing quiet things.We have planned to go out for free night at the local children's museum tonight. I must roll!

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