Friday, June 20, 2008

Monkey Bread and Maternity Clothes

No! No! No!, people! Now don't get your blood pressures rising so fast! I. am. not. pregnant. Am. Ahem,just wanted to get that clear and off your minds before I proceed...

But,for anyone who is pregnant,or anyone who has wrestled with the maternity clothes monster, the sisterhood of mothers has come to the rescue with some helpful advice. I happen to collect maternity clothes. Of course,since I barely top five feet,and have big babies,you might imagine how especially penguinish I can get. Now since reading this article,I think I'll go sort through my maternity stash and weed out some offenders.Some mysterious questions of mine have been answered! Go see for yourself!

Want a fast and showy looking dessert for guests(or family:) ?
Go to
Type Monkey Bread into the search engine. We served this to guests recently and it went over very well. Ordering Disorder has lots of tasty sounding recipes.

We had an engagement free day! So relaxing. I even watched Winnie the Pooh with the children(I still like Winnie) and finished Little Lord Fauntleroy with them. We took long naps and had a "salady" sort of supper-with homemade croutons to boot. Mmmm. Grab some stale homemade bread slices and random bread chunks and saute in butter and garlic until crispy. Very good!

And since I happen to be writing in the night,hard telling how the computer will date this. But have a good day and night!

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You scared me for a moment!!! It would seem very unlike you...

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