Saturday, May 31, 2008

Roasting Marshmallows and BONFIRES!

Sorry,no pictures today. This here blogger and her family (read especially baby) are fighting warm weather colds.Said baby has just puked all over her blogging mama. Not conducive to a lengthy post,I say.
One teeny portion of our lives these days since Lee is back is a nightly "bonfire"(tiny). Today we went grocery shopping.Guess what small fry associate fires with? Yep,marshmallows!

And my tip tonight is that going to the work of a fire pays off because Daddy and Mommy can actually sit and discuss adult topics together without being interrupted overly much. Just watch out for the fire experiments.I do let my son take my lovely candles out to light them using a flaming stick. Hopefully it will leave him with good memories of Mom when he's grown.

And now,good-night. Gotta clean the puke and join my tribe outside.

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