Monday, May 26, 2008

I am Superglue Mama

I'm not sure how I managed to get by for so many years without Superglue.But it has now become a depended upon fixture in my mama bag of tricks. Broke the tail off your toy tiger? No prob,my son! The toy truck you got for birthday broke already? Well,I shall permanently attach the tank to the toy truck's bed in that case. A hairbrush,a holey,wooden apple with a string attached to a green worm, and so on are on my achievement list.
I do have one Superglue failure to tell too. I tried Supergluing Wrenbird's baby footprint card into the front of her baby journal and the glue bled through the cardstock type material,messing up a lovely keepsake.(Fortunately I had copies,but it was my best copy.)
But usually my bottle of Superglue is one handy-dandy thing to have,especially for mothers in my opinion.
On other fronts,I am overwhelmed with Romaine lettuce,spinach and radishes.Luckily I have hungry -for-salad-greens friends. Swiss chard,peas,summer squash,kale all are coming close behind. I snagged two yellow? cherry tomato plants for a dollar,zucchini and nasturtiums on Saturday at the local farmers market. I am abounding in parsley,cilantro,thyme and little onions.Mint too. I wish the strawberries were abounding also but the children are keeping those well picked after.
And now I am off to research freezing spinach,and yes,a big crop of broccoli. And probably nurse a hungry baby . Hasta Luego!

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