Friday, May 9, 2008

Trees and Ducklings

This little,bitty tree here was gifted to me recently and has a world of significance to my heart.It represents a whole other lifestyle of living as an expatriate in faroff,sunny(and rainy) places.It's a represents a piece of the story of my life so far.Grow on little tree! Let's see where the new "puzzle" pieces go together.
Last fall you saw a picture of a lit dam in this same park.We are creating memories here at this little park.We came the night WrenBird was on her way.And on Chelsea's third birthday. And other,less momentous days. And now we welcome spring here.And ducklings too,with lots of tiny pieces of bread,torn carefully by Jesse. Jesse is slowly growing a bit more out of my arms.He ventures to stay alone feeding ducks even when we are across the big lawn,grabbing a camera and tending his little siblings.He's steadying,is my firstborn.There are new sides emerging.I must breathe deeply,savoring this good time.He still doesn't entirely want to venture completely away from my care yet.But,I must have the faith to let him explore a bit just as Mama Duck lets her ducklings out enough to taste the bread my little son brings them. She still gets to tuck them under her wings at night.As do I. aMEN.
So lovely..........
My cousin is visiting-there should be high quality photos appearing here soon,thanks to the Canon! Hers,not mine.:)

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affectioknit said...

Hi, pretty spring pictures - still brown and snowy here.