Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baking in Tin Cans

Bread baking has intrigued me for a long time.As a young girl I got my hands on a cookbook of bread recipes.How I delighted making things like fresh bread sticks and loaves of bread. Potato rolls and zucchini bread were also on the menu. My,I was into the zucchini bread for a while...I even remember the name-Sherry's Zucchini Bread,I believe. Even before I owned my own home I hated to see food go to waste and so I would rescue the poor unwanted zucchini!

Time has passed. I no longer have hours of free time on my hands.Lee likes making bread for the household-of the no-knead variety. I am very grateful for this bread,created lovingly by my sweetie,with interesting touches,such as pumpkin seeds. But sometimes I wouldn't mind playing around with gourmet breads and interesting shapes. Well,having my cousin here has helped get a few extra projects done.So here's carrot-coconut bread baked in tin cans.The interesting shape part happened.Now I'd like to mess with a carrot ginger and chocolate chip bread. I'm not sure if any recipe exists for this.Probably. If not I'll have to create one. That would increase the fun I'm sure.
And if that flops maybe I should pull that sourdough bread cookbook off the shelf and start dabbling in that.That's another baking skill I wouldn't mind aquiring.
And now I should head to bed so I can rise at a decent hour and harvest spinach for the quiche my cousin is planning to make for the fellowship supper tomorrow night.It's so nice all I have to do is pick and clean the spinach! I could get used to this live-in help buisness!
Hasta Luego! Marcella

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