Sunday, May 11, 2008

In Memory of a Wonderful Mom

These pansies on my front porch remind me so much of Lee's Mom. She had 12 children and was a very giving person in many ways. One day she sheepishly showed me some pansies she'd bought. It was unusual for her to buy flowers. But I was not very surprised either.She was getting up in years and I figured if she wanted pansies,then she should have them. But she was sheepish about splurging. I can still remember how those pansies flourished and how she and I shared a co-conspirators delight in them. Now she has long since passed on.I have long since moved far far away. But the memories of her live on in my heart and are especially vivid when I look at these pansies on my front porch.

The two grandaughters Lee's mama never saw.But I tend to suspect she picked them out special in heaven for us. And Mom,if you're reading this,you're special too! Happy Mother's Day!

Until Later,Marcella

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