Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drawing with My Little Boys

Some evenings are rough.One teething baby,one three year old and two energetic little boys. Think racing across living room,up the couch,hitting the wall with a satisfying thump(I imagine) and oh.the noise that accompanies this.Never mind that this is the time of day Mama's nerves are starting to wear a bit thin and she's tired,with a substantial list of to-dos before she can relax.

Well,the other night drawing seemed to calm little people down almost as well as baths! If I remember properly it took a bit of time to get into it but all in all it did go well.

I set a impatiens flower on the table but it seemed I was the only one using it. One boy pulled an old drawing of theirs off the wall and used that. And I think some of the art was pulled straight out of their heads.My blog link list has the creative Soulemama on it who has given me some great inspiration on drawing with children.And I can hardly wait to get my hands on her book that just came out. Another resource I really like is The Crafty Crow

Jess working on his bird.


Finished Masterpiece!
Happy drawing and creating.May your day go well. Marcella

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