Friday, May 16, 2008


Berries are some of my very favorite foods.Raspberries being at the very top of the berry list but strawberries coming close behind.The richness of their colors,the juice,the flavor.I enjoy all the aspects of these little fruits. Strawberry recipes saved here and there,just waiting for the season to start.And now, at last the strawberries are blushing and with a few more days of sunshine we can be adding freshly picked berries to our oatmeal in the morning.Wow! Wasn't God good to add so much lovely detail to our lives?
This cake has a rather messed up strawberry,pomegranete frosting.I know,odd mixture. I think the frosting would have to be made with only the strawberry juice perhaps? Maybe skip the fruit addition? I'll have to keep experimenting.
So eat strawberries while they're in season. They're yummy,good for you(rich in iron I believe) and the season is all too short!

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