Tuesday, November 2, 2010

re: another journal entry

To: Julia Charlotte,
       Came down with a very sore throat last night. Lee made me hot tea which was lovely and made sure I was comfy. Jess and Lee had gone out shopping for shoes and came back with a bargain DVD. So they disappeared into the bedroom while I curled on thew couch by the fire. The two middle children were out with family tonight so I waited up for them.
This morning I still felt pretty rotten. Jess and Alex spoiled me, making food, bringing me a hot water bottle and tea, even washing dishes.
This afternoon I was slated to cook at the community center so I cleaned up and dragged myself out. The evening actually did me good, though I did not help with cleanup! And the food all of us whipped up was amazingly yummy! Pomegranate, grape and apple fruit salad included on the menu! Fresh!

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