Friday, November 5, 2010

re: notebook jottings

Dear Julia Charlotte,
        So I am making personal sacrifices right now.
We would like to travel to spend Thanksgiving with Lee's niece.
We have also had many, many expenses this fall .
So I have given up cheese for a month.
And the library book sale.
I am trying hard to only spend for needed items. Books are not exactly a need when the library has so many.... But sometimes I forget...
Ah, well.
Got up this morning and washed dishes and cleaned up from last night's get -together. Also hauled in the garbage cans and recycling bins from the curb and tidied up the back yard a bit.
Worked on backlog of laundry and then went downstairs around noon to visit our good friends who had a severely handicapped relative with them for the day. So inspiring! We were sent home with lots of yummy chicken!
Boys went with Lee to do a project, so the girls and my cousin accompanied me to the thrift store.
Found: 1 pottery looking soap dispenser (for the kitchen)
            1 mini First Aid kit
             1 comfy blanket for taking naps under on the couch!
A friend came over to pick up a handdrawn "logo" Alex drew for a "club" poster she is making.
Afterwards the girls and I went grocery shopping (sort of) and hauled Stuff to drop off at the community center.
Today was also busy with arranging etc. freecycle pickups. I adore Freecycle and think lots more people should do it.
Well, cheerio!

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