Monday, November 15, 2010

re: journal jottings

Dear Julia Charlotte,
                  The rain has started. I hear we may be in for a bit of that wet stuff.
Early morning church service here as usual.
We were still without gas with which to cook but maybe tomorrow the gas tanks will finally be re-hooked up.
The children had music class as usual as well. It went great and that made me glad!
I also got to see with my very own eyes an answer to prayer that was most amazing! I am still marveling.
Read and did important laundry. The children and their visiting friend watched a movie as well as starting a fire in the grill so we could make soup for dinner. So I made soup and ran around prepping for another batch of friends who would arrive to take us with them to children's choir practice night where they could bring friends (us!).
We had a great time doing that and then coming home to sing and read from No Compromise.
Read from Romans afterwards and put some sheets we were given into the laundry.
My synopsis from yesterday's sermon-" Seek to glorify God in everything you do".

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