Wednesday, November 10, 2010

re: notebook jottings #3

Dear Julia Charlotte,
Spent yesterday in BED.
Today, feeling much better.
Sent off one card and one tiny care package.
Lee made breakfast before he left for work- he is one stinkin' cool dude.
I tubbed the girls and washed their hair. I did the same for me later. We were a smelly, tangly-haired bunch.
The sweet woman who gave me clothes at church, showed up with a giant princess bag and one shopping bag, all full of presents for the children. Don't you think that is most Amazing?
Alex worked on a homemade ladder in our livingroom.
We went for a family walk after dinner.
Then Lee read more to us from Keith Green's book No Compromise.
Then I didn't feel sleepy.
So here I am......
                                                                                    Late for Bed,

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