Sunday, November 7, 2010

re: notebook jotting # 2

Dear Julia Charlotte,
Well.. these have been a busy couple of days! Still fighting a sinus something which is nasty. Yesterday I took a long walk with the girls and a friend to a benefit yard sale for the community center/ church meeting space.The guys are working on some projects which gives us girls some girl time.
The boys then went with a friend to act in a film a local university student is making.
 Lee helped me do some needed fixit jobs around the house which was GREAT!

Last eve. we attended a party for some newly wed friends of ours abt. 40 minutes from here. It was a potluck and a "pounding" which meant people could bring a pound of food or other items.
Took beans and a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit for the bride,  with whom I have shared deep talks on the meaning of Real.
Shopped for Chelsea's b-day as well.
This morn. I slept in.
Finally went to church late. Our church family is wonderful! A sometimes homeless aquaintance so sweetly gave me a bag of clothes for the children. She has little ones too but is not allowed custody of them. Life has Strange and Beautiful moments-how does one respond Properly?
The boys were asked to sit in on the worship team's meeting today-such a good place to expend their talents and energy especially as they grow older.
Lunch was amazing- including a leafy greens salad with dried cranberries(?) and walnuts and grapes and topped with feta cheese.
Went home and rested a lot more, feel crummy.
A friend dropped by with fresh cilantro and fresh greens-yum!
I started to clean my messy house and talked on the phone to a friend who recently had a a second child about mothering's amazing requirements!
My cousin stopped by to visit, bringing homemade pumpkin pie! Yum again!
Guys came home- hungry!
Children's Sunday School teacher dropped by with the children's offering envelopes, collecting money for hungry people in Haiti and pictures of my birthday picnic.
Today she said they will give us One Whole Day of babysitting all our children so Lee and I can have a getaway day! She is also giving me some "mom-time" gifts by babysitting . So sweet of them!
The gang is asleep and I am typing this. Lee is snuggled by the fire, sleeping in the cozy lamplight.
I should wrap presents.....

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