Friday, November 12, 2010

re:notebook jottings # 4

Dear Julia Charlotte,
        Had breakfast at the community center this morning. Afterwards we came home and got some laundry rolling and did school related stuff like finish our chapter book on Squanto(which held the children's attention very well) and reread a book (storybook) on the Pilgrims which we were given back when Jess and Alex were babies. We discovered the book was really old too-like going on a hundred old!
We heated sandwich meat on the woodstove as our gas tanks ran dry yesterday and we are in the process of getting them refilled.
Then I saw an offer on Freecycle for some really pretty sounding colors of paint for giveaway and so we packed up and walked over for them.The street was immensely interesting in and of itself as well.
Hurried home to prep for dinner guests,a family who lives nearby who was coming for dinner.
We planned to cook over the fire in the grill.
They brought the rice.
I burned the beans.
But everything else was good-maybe because Lee cooked...
They brought Squirrelgirl a tutu and that pleased her very much. She looks like a pink turkey.
We had prayers with the children anmd Lee read some more to Jess and me from No Compromise.
                                                          Feeling Sleepy,

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