Thursday, November 4, 2010

re: another good day

Dear Julia Charlotte,
Still sick with a cold-snuffle!
Got some Important Things done today like giving Jess a very long reading lesson and sleeping in way late. Cut a bunch of fabric leaves out to use on a thankful tree for this month. I plan to hang the fabric leaves from a large branch that I plan on setting into a vase. On the leaves we will write things we are thankful for.
Lee's sister came by and had lunch with us. She brought us a number of goodly gifts including some yummy cheese curds.
Lee came home early so we snuggled up by the fire while our offspring watched a movie. Got to have snuggly moments -oh yeah!
The homegroup we host from church met at our house tonight. We have started a little tradition of burrito nights. Wonder how long it will last..
Talked to my sister tonight and had good prayer time with the children.
                                                                   Another Good Day,

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