Friday, October 29, 2010

Pilgrimama Cleans

Dear Julia Charlotte,
        It is a New Day. Hopefully it will be a day In Which I get Things Done!
Yesterday I decided that when I don't feel motivated, I should always find one corner and get started. Because,you see, then I usually find other things that need doing at then the ball is rolling and then poof! Suddenly I am no longer Undermotivated!
Which, speaking of getting going-I should go water the mums by my front door. And empty a bucket of cleaning water.
Yesterday I cleaned my stairway which was very dusty and stowed an errant suitcase which had the nerve to be waiting on my the stairwell for days!
Now if only I can soon pick up some Patterned Duct Tape and patch the ottoman which had the nerve to hunker down in the foyer, I will be all set!
Maybe today could be a Day for Cleaning out Freecycle Clothes?
                                                                                                         In a Cleanup Mood,

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