Wednesday, October 27, 2010

re: random thoughts late at night

Dear Julia Charlotte,
        I do not plan to eat so much raw cinnamon roll dough ever again if I can help it.
It causes one to suffer the effects of drinking soda pop but in a "bready" flavor. Gross!

A friend has my sons tonight for a sleepover. Lee-sweetie is working. Me and ma-girls (who are sleeping) here.
I am reading too many late night blog stories and folding laundry.
I am feeling very happy with the three pans of cinnamon rolls Chelsea and I made that are now resting on our kitchen counter AND the tiedye window decorations I hung on the kitchen window (which is by my roughboard shelf). Accomplishment I say!
My internet connection was out for a long while today.
I should go wash late night dishes which means I should dress appropriately as my kitchen windows are curtainless and I have neighbors closeby in a couple directions...
I am also sad because I received some sad news tonight about a friend being hurt in an accident-possibly seriously.
I have closed my other curtains and tidied my rooms for the night. It always feels so cozy and so this is a major incentive in tidying up in the evening for yours truly.
I think I should now wash my hair and brush my teeth for the night.That would be truly mature of me.

Ok, all clean and shiny.
Someone sent over four freezer pops for the small fry, I have numerous mosquito bites and opened the door leading to the deck to welcome in some cool air today-what is up with the weather. That said it is also rainy. Laundry I have out does not seem like it will dry too quickly...

                                                                                               Ever  Rambling,

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