Monday, October 11, 2010

re: a season of quietness

Dear Julia Charlotte,
           Our camera has pretty much slowly declined and now gasped it's last breaths.
Somehow this feels right for this particular moment in our lives. It seems to me that usually I would be quite down about having no camera for some of the amazing and memorable moments we've been having of late. But right now it feels mostly right.
A hideyhole time of no private images of our lives being projected out into the big world.
A moment of respite. of resting quietly in each others arms,not articulating and publicizing every beautiful detail.
And too, it sits well with me,this waiting for a camera to be in the budget. Of late I am striving to bring beauty and contentment  to life even when the resources to accomplish that might be sparce.And so I hope to keep my little blog afloat and alive and hopefully a lovely reading place in which to store up the thoughts of my head which often emerge as letters to the beloved and ficticious Julia Charlotte.
Tonight I will go in search of more quiet moments, of a fluid settling into the  empty moments left me in this day, of restfulness.
In the coming days?
Hopefully some updates of recent events in our little lives!
But know that I will probably not be able to capture in mere words the half of it.

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