Thursday, October 14, 2010

re: weaving and busy

Dear Julia Charlotte,
        This week is ending up so much busier than I'd hoped . Babysitting,guests,  a baby blessing, loving on a pregnant friend, sewing night, monthly carryin lunch at Lee's work, church meetings-it's all adding up to a little crazy!
I adore being home, working on projects for long stretches without interruption and besides there are still bags to unpack from our trip and stuff to reshift from the day we renewed our vows.
So this? This is not so fun!
Next week I may have to put the foot down and just hibernate.
I adore all I'm doing too, it's just I wish for a bit of a breather!
Today I went to craft class and started weaving a scarf. That was a very restful thing to do.
Lacy weaving strip in amongst the off white material and the floral.
It has an overall scrappy look.
And Alex learned to fingerknit and I am most pleased!
I think this letter is very rambling.
More later!

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